January 27, 2016

SaNg in Media

Interview about SaNg exhibition
 in Culture and Art page in Isfahan Today newspaper
مصاحبه درباره نمایشگاه سنگ 

An Article in ISNA about our exhibition
:گزارشی از نمایشگاه سنگ اول به‌روایت ایسنا

(با سپاس از تهیه گزارش،  فقط یک نکته لازم به‌ذکر است و آن هم این که برای عبارت "احساس نقصان می‌کنیم" در تیتر آمده به معلولان می‌مانیم. که به‌نظرم مترادف نیست و نظر شخصیم این نیست که معلول‌های جسمی لزومن باید احساس نقصان بیشتری نسبت به آدم‌های ازنظر فیزیکی سالم داشته‌باشند. منظور من همان نقصان و ناتوانی ذهنی و روانی بود که لزومن ربطی به معلولیت فیزیکی ندارد./ همین را پای مطلب هم کامنت گذاشتم، امیدوارم ثبت کنند./ن.ا) و

January 19, 2016

SaNg Exhibition

Some of the artworks in The First Stone Exhibition
نمونه‌هایی از آثار نمایشگاه سنگ اول


January 12, 2016

SaNg in Isfahan

SaNg Group Exhibition 
organized by Amir Rajaei
Opening day: 15 Jan 2016 
16-20 PM

نمایشگاه آثار گروه هنری سنگ
سمیرا زمانی و نگین احتسابیان
دی ماه 1394
برگزارکننده امیر رجایی

نمایشگاه گالری آپادانای اصفهان اولین نمایشگاه آثار گروه سنگ است. پیش از این آثاری از این پروژه‌ها در نمایشگاه‌های گروهی در کانادا (چازو گالری-اکسچنج/ اسفند 92) ، اسپانیا (نمایشگاه بین‌المللی چاپ‌های دستی کاداک/ گالریا فورته/ مهر 92)، بلغارستان (دوازدهمین نمایشگاه بین‌المللی سالیانه چاپ‌های دستی گالری لسدرا/ شهریور 92) و همچنین ششمین بینال تصویرگری تهران/پاییز 92 به‌نمایش درآمده‌اند.و
more about SaNg: برای اطلاعات بیشتر: پروژه‌های سنگ

April 16, 2014

Sang Participated in Print Ex- Change

Nowruz (Persian: نوروز, meaning "[The] New Day") is celebrated this year by Laleh Gallery in Tehran.  They organized the first print exchange by asking artists to send 13 editions of their prints for this event.

The works are showing in Laleh Gallery that opens April 11. 

April 13, 2014

Opening of EX-Change(s)

Sang Participated in a group show in  Chazou Gallery in British Columbia, Canada.
opening: 8th March,2014

The show called Ex-change(s) that featured gathering of thirteen contemporary artists who share in a dialogue that marks International Women’s Day, 2014.

The show  was curated by Vicci Ryan

October 9, 2013

Sang Art with "The Sun In Love" in Tehran biennial

An illustration from SaNg Art, Pearl Project
has been accepted in the 6th Tehran Biennial of Illustration 2013
حضور اولین تصویرسازی‌ مجموعه مروارید از پروژه‌های سنگ در ششمین بینال تصویرگری تهران 1392

Actually it is a mix-media work, adding a touch of pencil on the final mezzotint work. It seems that collaborative work never ends! You see the process:
این کار حاصل کار با مداد روی محصول نهایی چاپ مزوتینت است. به نظر می‌رسد که کار مشترک هرگز تمامی ندارد و باز هم می تواند کار دیگری روی آن انجام شود. می‌توانید مراحل کار را در تصویر ببینید:


July 13, 2013

Pearl project is beginning

This big print was done based on one of the old traditional love stories from Mexico. This metaphorical image is the first work of the new Sang art project which is called "Pearl".  We will keep you posted. Some lines from the beginning of the story:

The Sun in love with the Moon

Popular Mexican (Mayan) tale told by Luigi Dal Cin

A long time ago, the Sun god fell in love with the Moon.
So he began giving her his rays, but the Moon remained cold in her icy whiteness.
“What can I do to win her heart?” thought the Sun, until finally he came up with an idea: “Every day I’ll pass by the Moon’s hut carrying a deer on my shoulders: she will surely be fascinated by my skills as a great hunter!”.
So he took a deerskin and filled it with ash: “It’s much more comfortable like this!” he thought contentedly. And so at every sunset, when the Moon was about to climb up into the sky, the Sun began to pass by in front of her proudly carrying the fake deer on his shoulders.

The days went by and...

About Mezzotint

Mezzotint is an old printmaking technique. The technique is based on tones to define and create image. This technique, developed in the seventeenth century and in some recent years is combined with other techniques to make a new effect.
Here is the short summery of the technique:
A metal plate, usually copper, is first roughened by mezzotint rockers by crossing on top of the copper plate, and produce a rough surface. It should be done in different directions until it is perfectly done. The surface should uniformly textured. For transferring the image artists use some other tools like Scraper and burnisher. These two tools help to create different gray tones of the image. When the burred ground is removed perfectly the white will be shown in the image. between the white part and untouched burred surface artists make gay tones. Once the image is shown, the plate is inked and wiped afterwards. At the last stage the image is transferred to the paper by passing through an etching press.
It is common that the first proof is not the perfect one, and the artist should work on the plate again to adjust the gray tones to get the desired one.

I am going to add some more pictures from different stage of the new prints. The pictures are from the first Sang art project (Emerald). 

Mini Print Competition

Another exhibition for Sang art prints (Emerald).
33th Mini Print International of Cadaques can be visited from 29th June until September 30th at the Taller Galeria Fort in Cadaqués, Spain . Here is the link to the virtual exhibition: